This powerful family of cleaners are certified "green" as well as featuring innovative packaging and dispensing systems.  The technology provides a safe, consistent and accurate method of diluting the concentrate with your water.  Using your water instead of ours reduces shipping costs, saves space and helps keep prices low. 

Designed for institutions with high population density where an outbreak could spread quickly. Native Green hand care products protect people while remaining gentle on hands and environmentally safe. Products come in both bulk and disposable cartridges with plastic or stainless steel armored dispensers.

Go "green" without compromising cleaning performance.  The program combines a choice of "green" detergents with optional oxy bleach and a sour-softener to deep clean while protecting fabrics and saving energy. Core products are available as encapsulated solids or closed-loop liquids along with modular dispensing equipment.    

Hand Care

Our "green" cleaning solutions for kitchens not only perform as well or better than traditional products but have the benefits of saving space, saving money and are safer to transport and use.  Each core product is available in either solid or liquid formulas and come with easy to use dispensing equipment.

Food Services
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Native Green was founded with the objective of becoming the best chemical partner for government agencies, military, higher education and high security customers.  We have grown and evolved by making our customer's priorities our priorities.  Our products solve real problems and bring significant value to our customers beyond just being "green".   When you choose Native Green to be your cleaning products partner, you will be pleased with the cost and also the product quality and our personal direct service -- which is guaranteed.    




EPA allows safer products to carry the Safer Choice label (formerly Design for the Environment, DfE).  When you see the Safer Choice logo on a product it means that the EPA scientific review team has screened each ingredient for potential human health and environmental effects and that the product contains only those ingredients that pose the least concern in their class.